Neighborhood Watch

About Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with the Chino Hills Police Department to reduce crime. Crime prevention officers work with interested residents to help them:

  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Improve Their Home Security
  • Organize Projects to Improve Safety in the Neighborhood
  • Learn About Local Crime Trends

How to Get Started

If you care about your neighborhood and want to get involved, consider talking with your neighbors to see if a few people are interested in learning more about Neighborhood Watch. A group can be a few homes, the entire block, or an apartment complex. Contact the Police Department to schedule an informational meeting so your neighbors can learn more about the program.

Neighborhood Watch Working With PoliceContact

Chino Hills Police Department

Phone: (909) 364-2000
Fax: (909) 364-2011

What Happens Next?

Each group designates a Block Captain who serves as the liaison with the Police Department. The members can set neighborhood goals. Some examples might include:

  • Getting to Know Other Neighbors
  • Keeping an Eye Out For Neighbors on Vacation
  • Improving Individual and Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Levels
  • Learning How to Effectively Report Suspicious Activity
  • Creating a Neighborhood Newsletter

It's Up To You

Neighbors working together with law enforcement is one of the best crime-fighting teams around. Neighborhood Watch can be a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors and improve your community. It doesn't have to be a lot of work but the benefits of working together with your neighbors is a great reward. Interested? Call today. Help Chino Hills maintain its reputation as one of the safest cities in the United States.