Fire Services in Chino Hills

The Chino Valley Independent Fire District (CVIFD)is headquartered in Chino Hills and serves the Chino Valley, which includes the Cities of Chino Hills and Chino. The District is not a City Department, but is a separate political agency with its own elected Board of Directors.

Emergency Services

The District provides high-quality emergency services including:

  • Emergency Medical and Paramedic
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Urban Search and Rescue Services


The Chino Valley Independent Fire District began in 1895 as Chino Fire Company No. 1 and has since grown to include six fire stations housing over 80 professional firefighters, strategically located to provide fire and emergency medical services throughout the community.

Community Connect

The Chino Valley Fire District is launching a free online self-reporting program that allows residents to share critical information about their household prior to an emergency in order to help Fire District personnel and other public safety agencies respond more efficiently and effectively to incidents or major disasters.

Community Connect is a secure and easy to use application developed by First Due. Residents are individually able to decide what information they are comfortable sharing on the app. Residents simply create a profile and enter critical property and occupant information, which is then made available to first responders at the time of dispatch. Data provided by residents within Community Connect is 100% secure and is used only for the purpose of better serving the resident during emergency situations.

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