What is a Chamber?

What a Chamber of Commerce Is

A Chamber of Commerce is an association of business people concerned about improving the area they do business in, consequently their business, and willing to actively do something about it.

Its strength lies in the number and diversity of its membership. Both large and small businesses from virtually every profession are represented and influence the direction of the Chamber's programs. These programs are financed by membership investments in the Chamber.

The members are the chamber. The more members the Chamber has, the better it can represent the business community. It accomplishes collectively what no one business could do alone.

What a Chamber of Commerce Is Not

  • A department of the city.
  • A county or state government.
  • A political body.
  • A civic club or professional society.
  • A social, service, welfare, or charitable institution.
  • A private advertising, publicity or public relations agency.

Four types of Chambers of Commerce


National and State Chambers' deal primarily with the issues that directly affect them.


The State Chamber of Commerce is interested in attracting new businesses on a state-wide level.


Regional Chambers of Commerce deal primarily with regional issues across city and county lines.


Local chambers deal primarily with those issues that effect cities in their locale.