Contamination Monitoring

Under California Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383), cities across California including the City of Chino Hills are required to take steps that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring the recycling of organic waste and enforcing stricter regulations on waste disposal to reduce the amount of trash going to the landfill.

Cart Monitoring and Enforcement

As required by the State to ensure compliance with SB 1383, local jurisdictions must establish and implement enforcement programs that monitor recycling, organic, and trash carts for contamination starting January 2024. WM will also begin monitoring for overfilled carts at this time.

Understanding Contamination and Overfilling

Overfilling occurs when too many materials are placed in one cart and the lid is not able to close completely.

Contamination occurs when the wrong materials find their way into recycling, organics, and trash carts. Contamination can cause damage to processing equipment, risks to employees, and result in the improper disposal of recyclable materials. To help combat this issue as a community, it is crucial for residents to adhere to the guidelines and only deposit accepted materials into their designated carts. Each waste cart has a guide on top of the lid showing what materials are acceptable. Detailed information on the correct placement of materials is also available on the City's Recycling webpage. 

WM's Smart Truck®Technology

To assist the City with achieving compliance, contamination monitoring will be performed utilizing WM's innovative Smart Truck®Technology. The technology works by photographing and recording materials in the carts as it is being collected using mounted cameras on the truck. Artificial Intelligence is then employed to identify anomalies, such as contamination or overloaded containers. Then, a dedicated team of WM technicians further verifies that materials were correctly sorted.

Residents will receive a notification if a cart associated with their address is overloaded or contains non-acceptable materials. Please ensure your contact information is updated and your communication preferences are set by logging into your My WM account at


Residents will be charged cost-penalties by WM when they overfill or contaminate a waste cart. In the event of contamination or an overfilled cart, the following enforcement measures will be implemented within a six-month period starting from the date of the first incident:

1st and 2nd Incidents

  • The contaminated and/or overfilled cart will be serviced as normal.
  •  A notification letter from WM will be mailed and/or emailed to the service account informing the resident of the potential for future penalties.

3rd and Subsequent Incidents

  • The contaminated and/or overfilled cart will be serviced and may be charged a contamination fee of $26.25 and/or an overfilled fee of $15.75 per incident.
  •  A notification letter containing photographic documentation of the contaminated and/or overfilled cart will be mailed and/or emailed from WM to the service account.

City Inspections and Lid Flips

In conjunction with WM's Smart Truck contamination monitoring program, the City will also be performing annual route audits. The City, WM, or contracted staff may be in your neighborhood throughout the year performing 'lid-flips' and looking into your carts to provide education and ensure proper sorting.