Crossroads Park Improvements

The City of Chino Hills has been awarded the Proposition 68 Per Capita Grant from the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation. Grant funds are available for local park rehabilitation, creation, and improvement grants to local governments on a per capita basis including rehabilitating existing infrastructure to address deficiencies in neighborhoods lacking access to the outdoors. The City of Chino Hills has chosen Crossroads Park to implement this grant funding.

Project Description:

The City of Chino Hills is developing Crossroads Park new park upgrade improvements including but not limited to:  Removal of existing playground equipment and installation of an all-inclusive playground, improved lighting, picnic tables, benches, pathway construction and parking lot renovations at Crossroads Park along Chino Hills Parkway and Carbon Canyon Road.  

Notice of Exemption - Filed June 13, 2023


Crossroads Park along Chino Hills Parkway and Carbon Canyon Road.

Current Construction Activities:

The bid will be awarded on July 27, 2023.  Construction will begin early September 2023 and will end approximately in mid-November 2023.

Please note the following advice during construction:
       1.  Playground and parking lot area will not be available for use during construction.
       2.  Work hours will be limited to 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Location Map

Construction Timeframe:

65 working days

Point of Contacts:

Victor Yanez, Senior Engineer
Phone: (909) 364-2755

Danny Hernandez, Assistant Engineer
Phone: (909) 364-2760