Sharps Collection

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WM Collection

To order a sharps container, please call WM Customer Care Center (800) 423-9986 and one will be delivered to your home. Once the container has been filled, simply place it in the mail-back box provided to you and give it to your mail carrier. Residents are limited to four (4) containers at no additional charge per year. Only one sharps container can be requested at a time. 

WM Sharps Collection Information Flyer

Guide to Sharps Disposal

To learn more about how to properly dispose of sharps, other Sharps Mail-back programs, and for a list of the 12 County of San Bernardino Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facilities that accept sharps view this Guide to Sharps Disposal (PDF).  

Sharps and Medication Disposal Directory

To locate a sharps and medications disposal facility visit the MED-Project, CalRecycle or San Bernardino County Fire Protection District website. 

Other Ways to Dispose of Sharps

San Bernardino County residents can safely dispose of their used sharps in containers they have created themselves and take them to participating HHW locations. 

The following are general guidelines for creating your own sharps disposal container:

  1. Containers must be 2 gallons or smaller and made from heavy-duty plastic (Ex. Detergent bottles, bleach bottles). These containers must have the original screw-top that is also puncture resistant.    
  2. Containers shall be puncture resistant and safe to transport which means that milk containers, water bottles, metal cans, and glass containers are unapproved for use. 
  3. Containers should not be leaking and the lid must be secured with tape. 
  4. Two (2) biohazardous waste labels are required, one on the front and one on the back of the container. Residents can print their own biohazardous waste labels (PDF) or obtain them at participating HHW locations. 
  5. Only needles, lancets, and syringes shall be placed inside containers (no liquids, medications, gauze, etc.). 
  6. Containers should be ¾ full. 

View this guide (PDF) to learn more about how to properly create your own sharps disposal container.

  1. Waste Management Customer Care

    Phone: 800-423-9986