Irrigation Tune Up Program

Residential Irrigation Tune Up Program

Chino Hills residents are eligible for an irrigation tune-up at no cost as part of a program to help reduce outdoor water use. This program is a one-time opportunity and designed to assist eligible residents with minor repairs to the current irrigation system. Enrollment is limited to the number of spaces that are available.

Residents may qualify for the following assistance services and/or repairs:

  • Irrigation controller scheduling
  • Irrigation controller evaluation and training to set water schedules
  • Recommendation of repairs and upgrades for resident
  • Valve repair, replacement, leaks, and wiring on an "as needed" basis (1 valve for small sites and 3 valves for large sites)
  • Sprinkler repairs, raising, replacing, and/or adjusting (up to 6 pop-ups/nozzles for small sites and up to 12 for large sites)
  • Repair of one minor lateral irrigation line; not to exceed 4 feet (does not include repairs under concrete or asphalt surfaces)
  • Repair drip irrigation - includes flushing and replacing coupling and emitters (up to 6)
  • One follow-up visit, on an "as needed" basis and at the discretion of the contractor, ConServ Inc.

How to Apply

Eligibility is based on the following questions:

  • Is your current irrigation system working now?
  • Does your property have more than 500 square feet of living landscape (turf, trees & shrubs)? *Artificial turf should not be included.
  • Are you a Chino Hills water customer?

Eligible residents are encouraged to apply using the application below, but there is now an extended waitlist into the next calendar year. Residents may contact the Water-Use Efficiency Coordinator with any questions.

Complete and submit the online Irrigation Tune-Up Program Application.

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