Costco Warehouse and Gas Station (Crossroads Marketplace)

Project Overview

  • The Costco Wholesale warehouse and gas station are located on an 11-acre site within the Chino Hills Marketplace. Costco Wholesale Corporation has submitted Site Plan No. 19SPR05 and Conditional Use Permit No. 19CUP04 to allow an expansion of the existing warehouse, relocation and expansion of the existing Costco gas station, and construction of a new carwash. 
  • Costco proposes to add square footage to the existing Costco warehouse building to accommodate an employee locker room, new food service and sales area. 
  • The proposed project would decommission the existing 12 pumps Costco gas station located in the northwest area of the Costco parking lot within the Crossroads Marketplace Shopping Center. 
  • The former Sports Chalet and Stein Mart buildings would be demolished and Costco would retain the Sports Chalet site to relocate/construct the gas station facilities and construct a new car wash. 
  • The new gas station would consist of 16 pumps (32 fueling stations) and  Underground Storage Tanks (USTs).  
  • The existing gas station would remain in operation until construction of the new gas station has been completed and then the existing gas station will be decommissioned and demolished. The area occupied by the existing gas station will be converted to new parking and landscape planters. 
  • The Costco parking lot would also be reconfigured for better internal circulation. The modified project would include grading and repaving of portions of the parking lot located in front of the former Sports Chalet and Stein Mart buildings in addition to the existing Costco property. 
  • The Project includes a total of 937 parking stalls. This would result in an overall increase of 148 parking stalls on the Modified Project site.


Terry Odle, MG2 


Ph: (949) 705-0713

Site Plan (PDF)

Project Status

The Planning Commission approved entitlements for expansion of the Costco warehouse, expansion and relocation of the gas station and a new car wash on April 4, 2023.

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