Water Saving Programs and Rebates

The City works with our regional partners to offer multiple rebate opportunities as a cost-effective way for residents and businesses to save water and money! 

More details on the available rebate programs are listed below. Residents are encouraged to apply for these rebates through a quick and easy application process.

Residential Rebates and Programs

Funding is limited and rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Indoor Rebates

Residential Clothes Washer Rebate Icon Opens in new window
High-Efficiency Clothes Washers
Rebate up to $210 per household

Residential Toilet Rebate Icon Opens in new window
Premium High-Efficiency Toilets
Rebate up to $100 per device    

Residential Water Softener Rebate Icon Opens in new window
Automatic Water Softener Removal
Rebate up to $2000 per household

Water Flow Monitoring Device Rebate Icon
Flow Monitor Devices
Rebate up to $100 per device

Outdoor Rebates

Lawn Mower Rebate Icon Opens in new window
Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Program
Rebate up to $250 towards a battery-electric lawn mower

Sprinkler Timer Program Icon Opens in new window
Sprinkler Timer Upgrade
For properties less than 10,900 sq. ft.
Free (up to $1,000 value per landscape)

Turf Replacement Rebate Icon Opens in new window
Turf Replacement Program 
Rebate up to $2 per square foot of turf removed 
Residential Turf Removal Rebate Guide (PDF)
All pending applications submitted before June 1, 2022, will automatically have their deadlines extended through November 1, 2022. New applications after June 1, 2022, will be granted a one-year deadline to complete their project, starting from receipt of the MWD application pre-approval.

Water Saving Programs

Garden Planner Opens in new window

Inland Valley Garden Planner
Free online tool for planning drought-tolerant landscaping

Irrigation Tune-Up Program Icon Opens in new window
Irrigation Tune-Up Program
Free irrigation controller evaluation and training

Landscape Evaluation Opens in new window

Landscape Evaluation
Free evaluation of outdoor irrigation system

Landscape Retrofit Opens in new window

Landscape Retrofit
Free for eligible properties more than 10,900 square feet

Landscape Workshops Opens in new window
Landscape Training Classes and Workshops
Free workshops to help create water-wise landscaping

Watch this video to learn how to successfully complete a rebate application.