Trails Projects

New Trail Signage

Thanks to a $75,000 donation from the Chino Hills Community Foundation, trail users in Chino Hills have new trail signage to guide them along various City Trails.

Project includes new Trailhead kiosk which highlights the trail's name. A trails map, open space rules and regulations, and donor recognition will be added to the kiosk. Some trails will receive directional signage and mileage markers so hikers know which direction to take along the trail(s).

After a period of review and feedback from trail users, the Parks and Recreation will consider and prioritize additional phases of the trail signage project. The donation is expected to cover the cost of improvements to additional trails. The project aligns with the Foundation's mission to promote and support the cultural, educational, and recreational needs in the City. Trail users are encouraged to download the City's app or visit our Trails page for detailed information about all of the City's 47 mile of trails.

Trail Construction SignTrail Enhancements:


Phase I

La Sierra Trailhead
Trailhead Kiosk
Mile Markers

Phase II

(14) Trailhead Kiosk
Outfit all City Trailheads with Kiosks

Phase III

McCoy and Community Park Trailhead Mile Markers

Phase IV

Trailhead Mile Markers
Madrugada Trailhead
Grand Avenue Park Trailhead (Grand Avenue Trail and Oak Grove Loop)
Sunset Trailhead
Hickory Creek Trailhead (Hickory Creek)

In Progress

Trailhead Kiosk Maps
Secondary Access Point Signs (All City Trails) 

Phase IV

Trailhead Mile Markers
Hickory Creek Trailhead (Hollow Run Trail)

Phase V

Trailhead Mile Markers
Veterans Park
Vila Borba
Torrey Pines