Permit Applications and Handouts

Please see the following links to view our department permit applications by category: Commercial Permits/Handouts | Residential Permits/Handouts

All applications can be turned in at the public counter in the Community Development Department. Please read "When is a permit required?" and, "What is exempt from permits (PDF)" to determine if you need a permit. If you are still unsure if you need a permit or which application(s) may be required for your project or have any additional questions please contact the Building & Safety Department at (909) 364-2780 or email Community Development.

Administrative Applications / Fee Schedule / Procedures

Application / Agreements / Fee Schedule
When do I Need This Application?
Application Fees (PDF) 
Lists all application fees for the department 
Development Impact Fee Schedule (PDF)    To view development fees  
Refund Request (PDF) To obtain a refund for a project that required a trust account 
Trust Deposit Account (TDA) Application & Agreement  (PDF) In order to process a land development project, a Trust Deposit Account (TDA) must be established prior to the City commencing any work on the project