Vila Borba Park

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17001 Amadora Drive

Vila Borba is located south of Pine Avenue west of Butterfield Ranch Road.

Park Area

The total area of the park is 5.6 acres.

The Dog Park will close during periods of rain. It will remain closed until it dries out to prevent damage to the grounds. Generally, the closure lasts for about three days after the rain stops.


  • City’s first "fenced off-leash" Dog Park Area
    • Small Dogs - .4 acres
    • Large Dogs - .7 acres
    • Dog Friendly Drinking Fountains
    • Benches and Shade Structures
    • Dog Waste Stations
  • Playground
  • Adaptive Swing
  • Gazebo
  • Picnic Areas
  • BBQs Available
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Open Turf Area
  • Walking Paths
  • Restroom Facility
  • Parking Lot
  • One Bike Rack

Reserve a Gazebo

Reserve the Vila Borba Park covered picnic gazebo for your next party or gathering! For more information on how to reserve the gazebo area, please contact the Recreation Office at (909) 364-2700.

Dog Park Rules

  1. Dog Park Hours: 7:00 am to Dusk.
  2. The use of an off-leash dog area is a privilege, not a right, and every person shall follow all regulations established for the safety of humans and animals in order to be allowed this privilege.
  3. Persons shall use a suitable container or instrument to remove their dog’s feces and shall dispose of it in a sanitary manner in designated waste containers.
  4. No person shall harass, tease or incite any dog in any way in any off-leash dog area, including, but not limited to, verbal or physical gestures or throwing of objects.
  5. No person shall leave or abandon any dog or other animal unsupervised in any off-leash dog area.
  6. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior towards any person or another animal shall be immediately leashed and removed from the off-leash dog area by the person responsible for the dog.
  7. Persons entering the off-leash dog area do so at their own risk.
  8. The City is not liable for the injury or death of a person or animal resulting solely from the actions of a dog in any off-leash dog areas owned or operated by the City.
  9. If a dog injures a person or another animal, the person responsible for the dog shall immediately provide the dog owner’s name and address, as well as any insurance information requested by or on behalf of the injured person, or by any City employee and shall file a report with the City within five (5) days on a form approved by the Community Services Director.
  10. A person shall not release more than three (3) dogs at anyone time into an off-leash dog area.
  11. No person under the age of fourteen (14) shall release any dog in the off-leash dog area.
  12. Aggressive dogs, dogs in heat, and puppies younger than four (4) months are not permitted with an off-leash dog area.
  13. Dogs barking excessively or aggressively shall be immediately leashed and removed from the off-leash dog area by the person responsible for the dog.
  14. Persons responsible for dogs in the off-leash dog area shall actively discourage the dogs under their supervision from digging. All holes shall be promptly filled by the person responsible for the dog that dug the hole.
  15. Food of any kind (including dog treats) and glass containers are not permitted in the off-leash dog area.
  16. Dog obedience classes and other events are not permitted, unless written permission is obtained from the Community Services Director or designee.

Dog Park Etiquette (PDF)

Any issues regarding the Dog Park or general park rules please contact the Recreation Office at (909) 364-2700.

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