Community-Owned Open Space

Community Open Space

Chino Hills is well known for its high quality of life and beautiful rural atmosphere. Careful planning led to balanced growth and the preservation of open space areas. Residential and commercial developments were clustered in village cores along major corridors and the surrounding open space areas were dedicated to the City as community-owned open space. These early principals were set in place to protect the rural environment treasured by residents.

Chino Hills enjoys over 3,000 acres of community-owned open space that is visible throughout the community. The City's multi-use trail system includes 48 miles of trails, many of which traverse beautiful open space areas where Red-tailed Hawks soar on the wind and a variety of wildlife can be found. Many residents live directly adjacent to these open space areas and enjoy a tranquil view of the natural environment. The City serves as the steward of these open spaces in Chino Hills and works to actively manage and protect this community resource.