Street Improvement Project (FY 2018-19)

Project Description:  
The work comprises, but is not limited to: Mobilization; Traffic Control; selective 2-inch grind and 2-inch AC overlay; 1.5-inch full-width grind and overlay; crack seal; application of Type 1 conventional slurry; and restoration of striping, pavement markings, and legends.

Depending on the existing condition and needs of a street, the repair work may consist of the following: 

1. Removal by grinding small pavement sections and overlaying deteriorated asphalt pavement (patch work);
2. Removal by grinding full-width sections and overlaying asphalt pavement;
3. Crack sealing; and
4. Slurry sealing over the entire pavement.

Slurry sealing is a preventative maintenance process that is designed to prolong the life of the asphalt surface and avoid the development of potholes.

Laband Village Residential Area, Monteverde Drive Residential Area, La Sierra/ Madrugada Drive Residential Area, Silver Ridge Road Residential Area, Alterra Park Residential Area, Carriage Hills Lane Residential Area, Los Serranos Residential Area, Eucalyptus Avenue Adjacent to Community Park.

Current Construction Activities:
Construction is complete.  The Notice of Completion was approved at the September 10, 2019 City Council Meeting.

Construction Timeframe: 
60 working days

Project Contact: 
Fe Rama, Senior Engineer
Phone: (909) 364-2776
Email Fe Rama
Site Map (PDF)