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Business Licenses
A Business License is required of all store front and in-home businesses operating within the Chino Hills City limits, including temporary activities and contractors with offices located outside of the City.

If I run my business out of my home, are there any other permits that I need to have?

If the business is conducted from your home in Chino Hills, you will also need a Home Occupation Permit.

Fee Schedule
The fee for a City Business License is $82.00 for one year, and can be renewed annually for $10.00 per year.
The fee for a Home Occupation Permit is a one-time fee of $83.00.

Busineses License
Home Occupation Permit

Any additional information regarding a business license can be obtained by calling the Finance Department at (909) 364-2670 or via e-mail.
Lady standing at the front door of a business.