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Sleepy Hollow Waterline
Project Description
The project involves the installation of approximately 2,100 L.F. of 12-inch waterline in Hillside Drive between City Reservoir R-8 and Sumach Ln. This new 12” waterline will connect to a newly installed waterline within the Canyon Hills residential development and provide a second source of supply for Sleepy Hollow, creating a more robust water system.

See site plan below
Current Construction Activities
Installation of the 12-inch PVC pipe has been completed on Hillside Drive and is currently undergoing disinfection and flushing of the new waterline per health department regulations for safe drinking water levels. The cleaning of pipe and testing is scheduled to be completed by Friday, June 3.

The new waterline and services will be connected to the City's water system the week of June 6, which will require shut down of the water main on Hillside Drive and a disruption of water service during the tie-in process. Disruption of water services will be limited to residents living near the construction site between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Work for the tie-in date will be announced later.

Door hangers will be posted to residents informing them of water service disruption.

After all the connections have been completed, Hillside Drive will be repaved over the new waterline installation. The paving schedule will be announced with it becomes available.

For additional information on the current waterline project status, you may call Paul Montoya, Project Engineer, at (909) 364-2817. Additional project information is also available on the Sleepy Hollow "Hotline" at (909) 364-2810.

Construction Timeframe
75 working days

Point of Contact
Paul Montoya, Assistant Engineer
Ph: (909) 364-2817

Site Plan