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Active Adults 50+
Active Adults 50+ Coordinator 
Ph: (909) 364-2704 

Drop-In Program Questions:
Chino Hills Community Center
Ph:(909) 364-2826

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The Chino Hills Recreation Division provides quality programs designed to engage and encourage active adults 50+ in wellness, exercise, and leisure activities in an effort to promote and support healthy aging.

"Free" Drop-In Programming -
Chino Hills Community Center

The Chino Hills Community Center focuses on active adults 50+ programming Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily.

Our "Free" Active Adults 50+ Program includes: 
• Space to Gather & Socialize
• Drop-In Programs
• Educational Seminars & Workshops
• Special Interest Groups        

Drop-in programming                               
 Monthly Active Adults 50+ Programming Calendar      

The Chino Hills Recreation Division also offers a variety of trips and pre-registration classes. For more information check out our latest City News and Recreation Brochure.    
Upcoming Trips and Tours
Summer trips will be posted on May 5th. 

For more information call the Recreation Department at (909) 364-2700 or visit online at www.chinohills.org/RecOnline

Upcoming Active Adult 50+ Events

Afternoon Matinee

What sounds better than an afternoon filled with movies, popcorn, and refreshments?  Bring your lunch and relax while watching great movies!  Refreshments and popcorn are included.  Walk-in's are welcome!
Location: Chino Hills Community Center
                14250 Peyton Drive
Day: Tuesdays or Thursdays
Time: 1:00 pm
Fee: $1 per person

Date: 5/12 at 12:00pm

Primetime Health by Lydia Schmidt
May 19th at 1:00pm
Location:  Chino Hills Community Center, 14250 Peyton Drive

Uncover the secrets of aging well and enjoy the second half of life!  Primetime Health is your road map to health, happiness, and vitality. 
  • Understand how your body changes during prime time.
  • Prevent disease and hlep each body system- including the heart, brain, gut, lungs, joints, eyes, and skin- age and more healthy.
  • Enjoy more restful sleep, sharper thinking and memory, and less stress.
  • Cut your risk of cancer and the "highs"- high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high choleterol.
  • Get fit, strong, and flexible with a personalized exercise program.

Let's together design a plan that will keep us in our "prime" whether you are 50+ (in the prevention mind-set) or a prime-timer (already in repair mode).