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Street Improvement Project FY 14-15
Project Description:

The FY 14-15 Annual Street Improvement Project consists of selective patch and slurry seal for the majority of the residential public street locations (listed below), and a full width overlay for some streets where conditions warrant more substantial pavement treatment.  In addition to the pavement repairs, 89 access ramps will be rehabilitated to current ADA standards within the identified areas of work.


Areas of work include residential public streets within the following Tract developments of:

  • Hunters Hill - bounded by Butterfield Ranch Road to the west, SR-71 to the east, Parkcrest Dr. to the north, and Hunters Hill Dr. / Natalie Rd. to the south;
  • Ridgegate - west of Butterfield Ranch Road, bounded by Ridgegate Drive;
  • Griffin Butterfield Ranch - bounded by Butterfield Ranch Road to the east, Mystic Canyon Drive to the west, and Woodbridge Street to the south;
  • The Meadows - east of Butterfield Ranch Road along Sunny Meadow Lane and side streets;
  • South Trail - bounded by Mystic Canyon Drive to the north, Coyote Street and Wrangler Road to the south, Conestoga Lane to the west, and SR-71 to the east;
  • Brookwood Lane - from Sunny Meadow Lane to Butterfield Ranch Road.

        Additive Project Work Area:

  • Overland Heights / Brock Homes - bounded by Butterfield Ranch Road to the north, Mystic Canyon Drive to the south, Via Cresta to the west, and Shady View Drive to the east.  (The residential public streets in this work area have been included as additive bid items only.  Should funding become available, staff will recommend to the City Council that they be included with the contract.)

Current Construction Activities:
The bid opening date was on May 28, 2015, and the project was awarded on June 9, 2015.  The start of construction is anticipated to be late July 2015.

Construction Timeframe:  30 working days.

Project Contact:
Fe Rama, Associate Engineer
Ph:  (909) 364-2776

Site Plan