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Street Improvement Project FY 15-16
The FY 15-16 Annual Slurry/Street Improvement project consists of pavement repair using selective patch and slurry seal treatment for the public residential streets within the areas and locations identified below. In addition to the pavement repairs, access ramps will be rehabilitated to current ADA standards within the identified areas of work.

Areas of work include residential public streets within the following development of:
  • Pinehurst Area – residential public streets bounded by Butterfield Ranch Road to the west, SR-71 to the east, Flood Control Channel to the north, and Pine Avenue to the south; and
  • Village Oaks/Oakridge Area – residential public streets bounded by Peyton Drive to the east, Carbon Canyon Road to the west, Oakridge Drive & Valle Vista Drive to the north, and Oak Creek Road to the south.

Current Construction Activities:
Contractors will apply a layer of slurry seal starting on Monday, October 19th and continuing on weekdays through Monday October 26th.

Slurry Phasing Schedule

Before work begins on a specific street, the contractor will place a door hanger notice on the doorknob of the front door.  Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted two (2) working  days before the street is paved and will specify the date and time of work on the street.  Residents are advised to park their cars completely outside of the neighborhood on paving days because the cars cannot drive upon the newly-slurried streets for several hours.   Cars left in driveways will be unable to leave for a several hours.  Due to the nature of the paving project, residents on affected streets will experience some inconvenience. 

Construction Timeframe:  30 working days.

Project Contact:
Fe Rama, Associate Engineer
Ph:  (909) 364-2776

Site Plan