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Butterfield Ranch Road Pavement Rehabilitation Phase II
Project Description:
Project consists of rehabilitating the existing AC pavement by cold-in-place recycling method and placement of an additional 1.5 inches of AC pavement overlay.  The project also includes reconstructing existing wheelchair ramps to comply with current American Disability Act (ADA) regulations.

Phase II - Butterfield Ranch Road 700 ft. north of Park Crest Street to Shady View Drive.

Current Construction Activities:
Construction work for access ramps on Butterfield Ranch Rd. was completed on May 27, 2015.  The major work for AC pavement recycling and placing an additional 1.5 inches of conventional AC overlay is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 29.  The pavement restoration work is expected to be completed by Friday, July 10, 2015.  This work will require one lane closure in each direction, and it is highly recommended to find an alternate route during this construction work.  Work for pavement striping and reinstalling traffic signal vehicle detector loops will follow and all work is expected to be completed by July 24, 2015.

Construction Timeframe:  40 working days.

Project Contact:

Paul Montoya, Assistant Engineer
Ph:  (909) 364-2817

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